Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Make Dosa with Rice Flour!

Ingredients :
1. Rice Flour- 2 cup
2. Urad dhal-1 cup
3. Methi powder-1/4 tsp
4. Salt -as reqd
5. Water

1. Soak Urad dhal for 1 hr
2. Grind urad dhal
3. Mix well rice flour and urad dhal with sufficient water for dosa batter.
4. Add salt and methi powder.Mix well again
5. Keep it overnight to ferment.In the cold weather for fermentation u can pre-heat the oven for 350F for 10 mins.Switch off it and keep the batter inside.
6. Heat dosa pan .
7. Pour one spoon full of batter on a greased frying pan as thin as possible.

Serve it with coconut chutney or sambar !!!


Renju said...

I never heard about this rice flour, urad dhal combination for making dosha. So I just thought of giving it a try, and it came out really well. It’s very easy to make,also.....thanks chithra, for sharing the recipe

Shiji said...

Belive me, its super eassy and tasty too...,preheating the oven worked really fine, So u can have Dosas even on a bad weather.

Try it guys You ll know urself!!!

Anu said...

Can u post the recipe for Rava Iddli..

chithra said...

Renju and shiji,thanks for the valuable comments!

chithra said...

Anu,i added rava idly's recipe..here u go...

shilpa said...

thnx chitra for this recipe..i wanted to make idly and dosa with rice flour but was unable to find the recipe.Now i am going to try your recipe of dosa.Can you please post the recipe of idly with rice flour also.

chithra said...

thx shilpa for visiting my blog and leaving good comments ...sure i will add idly recipe...

Amar said...

thanks a lot .i will try this .. you made my life lot more easier