Friday, November 23, 2007

Ela Ada!

1.Rice Flour-1 cup
2.Hot Water-as rqed
3.Salt- to taste
4.Cardamon powder-few pinch
5.Banana leafs- 4 pieces

For Filling:
1.Grated Coconut-1 cup
2.Grated Jaggery-1/2 cup

1.Fry rice flour .Let it cool.
2.Make a dough(like chappathi dough,not too watery) by adding hot water ,salt and cardamon powder.
3.Place a small ball shaped dough on a piece of banana leaf.
4.Flatten it with finger.

5.Spread the filling on it.

5.Fold it like this.

6.Place the adas in an idly cooker and steam it for 10 minutes.

Have it with a cup of tea!


Anonymous said...

chitra,ela ada looks yummy! I appreciate ur effort.keep going.

chithra said...

thanks dear!

Laura Pires said...

Good recipe...i love elayda.
but, how i cook the ada? like idli? inside de pan with water?
thank you

chithra said...

Hi laura .sorry for the too late reply...yes it cooks like idly...keep ada on the idly thattu....