Sunday, December 16, 2007

Unniappam with Wheat Flour!

1.Wheat Flour-1 cup
3.Brown sugar(or jaggery)-1 cup
4.Cardamom powder-1/2 tsp
5.Water-1/2 cup
6. Cut cocunut pieces - 1/4 cup
7.Oil for frying

1.Blend all the ingredients until it has the consistency of idly batter and add cut coconut pieces
2.Heat the unniappa kara and pour oil in each slot .Let the oil heat-up.
3.Pour the batter in each slots.
4.Let it get cooked.
5.Once one side is cooked flip it to other side
6.Cook until dark golden brown color and drain in kitchen paper towel


Rajitha said...

hi chitra...thanks for visiting my blog and leading me to urs :)..i love this appam esp. when it is hot and fresh...

Sagari said...

chitra those unniappam look deleciousss this is a very new recipe to me i have some bananas i will try

chithra said...

thx rajitha..:)

chithra said...

thx sagari..try this and lemme know the result :)

Thanu said...

Hi Chitra...Thank you for visiting my blog. You have a lot of dishes from Kerala i see. I should try some to please my Mallu hubby:).Will let you know how they turned out. Keep visiting. Bye

chithra said...

thx thanu..oh sure u r always welcome to my blog...sure i will be regular visitor there!

Dhanya N said...

i always thought unniyappam as a tough snack to make. but u made it easy for me.i tried this one and thank u

chithra said...

ya its very easy..thx for the comments!

Jans said...

Unniappams were a rare delicacy for us....reserved for our summer trips to Kerala n straight from my grandma's kitchen...miss those yummy treats.Thanks for sharing the recipe, will try it out sometime.

Anonymous said...

Unniappams with wheat flour is new to me. It sounds much healthier than the original rice flour version and also the maida version. will sure try it out. thanks for this recipe.


Anonymous said...

well, I tried it out and it was super soft and very delicious. I didn't have coconuts to add to it but still it was very very good. thanks for this recipe.


chithra said...

thx!...happy to hear abt tht..