Saturday, December 15, 2007


1.Idly rice-2 cups
2.Urad dhal-1 cup(whole)
3.Cooked rice-1 cup
4.Salt-to taste

1.Soak rice for 8 hrs and urad dhal for 1 hr.
2.Grind urad dhal first.
3.Then grind rice and cooked rice with sufficent water according to the idly batter consistency.
4.Mix grinded dhal and rice then add salt .
5.Keep the batter overnight to ferment.
(Tip: during winter its very difficult to ferment try to do this ..pre-heat the oven for 10 mins in 350F...and keep the batter inside the oven..leave the light in the oven on.The cooked rice also make the batter to ferment within 1 night)
6.Spray pam oil on the idily moulds and pour the batter .Close the idly cooker and let it to cook for 10 mins.

U can have this soft idly with hot sambar and chutney!!!


Padmaja said...

Those idlis are yummy and how come they are so white as snow!!

chithra said...

thx for the great comments padmaja!

Meera said...

That Idli picture looks so inviting, Chithra!

chithra said...

Thx Meera...

Harsha said...

could u tell me d receipe of both d chatney which is thr with idle.My Email address is
Thanks in advance..

Harsha said...

For maki ng idli which idli rice u r using...