Friday, November 30, 2007

Trout Fish curry!

1.Trout fish-2
3.Green chilly(big)-2
5.Ginger-2 tbs
6.Garlic-3 tbs
7.Chilly powder-2 tbs(paprika)
8.Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
9.Corriander powder-1 tsp

10.Methi powder-1/4 tsp
11.Curry leaves
1.Remove skin of the fish(if frozen one it will easy to remove its skin).Cut into meduim slices.
2.Soak kudapuli in hot water.
3.Heat oil ina pan and saute crushed ginger and garlic .Then add onion ,green chilly(cut onto big pieces on lengthwise) and saute it.
4.Add all ing 7,8,9 ,10 and 12.mix it well and wait till the oil come out.
5.Add the kudampuli with water and allow it to boil.
6.Then put the fish slices into it and close the lid.Keep the flame low and allow it to cook.
7.Once it cooked add curry leaves and rotate the pan .

U can serve this simple fish curry with kappa(tapioca)or with rice!


sagari said...

wowwww color looks soo good lovely recipe

saraswathy said...

tried ur fish tasted as good as it looked...thanks...

Happy cook said...

Yumm the fish curry looks like the curry my mom makes.
Now just need a whole plate of white rice yummmyyy

chithra said...

Sagari,saraswathy and happy cook.. thank u soo much for the gr8 comments..this gives me inspiration to try more new recipes!!

Mishmash ! said...

mm...I am getting nice Kerala smell in ur blog :) and just developed a craving for that muringaila....i dont get it here where we stay :( Liked your blog title too, I dont think I can survive without that :P


chithra said...

Thx mishmash!yes its is rarely to get muringila..i got it from a combodian store here.

Meera said...

I am so interested in seeing/using Kudampuli. Is it available in the Indian stores in US?

chithra said...

Meera i brought this kudampuli from India..If u search this in malayalee grocery store u will get it..

mathew said...

this it the way i like fish curry..but it never gets as good as we make back home using meen chatti..