Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pineapple Salad

Ingredients :

For salad

  1. pineapple
  2. carrot
  3. cucumber
  4. peanut
  5. spring onion

Note : Except peanuts take other ing around 1 cup or more..peanut-1/2 cup....cut all ing in lengthwise)

For dressing

  1. oil-2 tbs
  2. chilly pdr-1/4 ts
  3. pepper pdr-1/2 ts`
  4. salt-to taste
  5. suger-1/2 ts
  6. pineapple juice-4 tbs
  7. peanut butter-2 tbs
  1. mix well the dressing ing 1 to 5
  2. then add 6 and 7 and again mix it well
  3. put the dressing into the main ing
  4. mix again and keep in the refrigerator for some time....then have it


vinitha said...

it's awesome!!!...mouthwatering..
btw i've some comments...
Make it more userfriendly....
for eg.. remove the bullets from ingredients and number it.

asha said...

thx vinithaji..i updated it..

Ampily said...

very good recipe.thank you very much.we like it.