Monday, December 24, 2007

Thiruvathira Puzhukku!

Today is Thiruvathira. It is a Festival celebrated in kerala on the Thiruvathira day of Dhanu masam (December-January) according to Malayalam calendar. There are many stories regarding the origin of this festival. It is said to be the day on which Lord Shiva agreed to become the husband of Goddess Parvathi, as a reward for her severe penance.

An observance called Thiruvathira Noyambu is kept by women on this auspicious day, with the prayer to get good husbands ( of course the married ones pray for well being of their better halves :) ) . That day they wont take any rice meals.On Thiruvathira day at home we make a puzhukku called Thiruvathira Puzhukku with eight different tubers . It is also called ettangadi ('ettu' - is eight in Malayalam, angadi- shop in Malayalam where you get the tubers).

So this time I thought to try the puzhukku. I collected the recipe from my mom and tried it.I was limited with the vegetables I got from Indian store . Chinese potato(koorka) is one of the main ingredient.But I didn't get it.

Here is the recipe..

1.Elephant Yam (Chena)-2 small
2.Taro (Chembu)-2
3.Asiatic yam (Kachil)-1(small size)
4.Sweet potato-1
5.Raw Banana-2
6.Potato-2 (small size)
7.Green chilly-4
8.Pearl onion-8
9.Red moong dhal-1 cup
10.Grated coconut-1 cup
11.Cumin seeds-1/4 tsp
12.Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
13.Curry leaves-6 leaves
14.Coconut oil-1 tsp


1.Cook red moong dhal with little salt.

2.Cut all roots (1- 6) into 1 inch cubes.

3.Grind green chilly,salt and turmeric powder.

4.Cook all roots with 5 pearl onions and the ground paste in a pressure cooker by adding 1/2 cup water(don't add more water since the veggies have water our dish is not a watery one). Wait for 3 whistles. Turn of the stove and keep it for 10 minutes.

5.Blend coconut,cumin seeds and 3 pearl onions.

6.Add the cooked dhal, blended mix and curry leaves.

7.Mix well and keep on low flame for 5 minutes.

8.Turn of the flame and add coconut oil and mix it again.

U have it with pickle or coconut chutney and also use as a side dish with kanji!

I am submitting this post for RCI-Kerala event and Susan’s My Legume Love affair.


Sagari said...

nice recipe chitra thanks for stopping at my blog

chithra said...

thx sagari...oh ya i like ur blog.

Mishmash ! said...

i ve never had this....this pic of urs have a nostalgic element!

chithra said...

Thx mishmash for the great comment!

Thanu said...

Chitra, I am getting to know a lot more about Kerala from your blog:). Hope to learn more about Kerala Cuisine.Ready to be my Guru?!! :)

Laavanya said...

Wow.. that looks lovely Chithra. SOmething I haven't tasted before though.

chithra said...

Thanu,tht was a great compliment..:) thanks dear.
Lavanya,thx and i am happy to share a new recipe..

Seena said...

Another Mallu? What a great name for your blog!
Chithra, thanks for visiting Salkkaaram, so I could find this wonderful blog.Nice recipes, love puzhukku , me too was planning to post one!
Hope to see you again,

chithra said...

Thx seena,sure i will be one of the regular visitor in salkaram!

Bharathy said...

Wonderful post,Chithra!Vanpayar makes any food yummy!Elegant picture there with the chenda beside!
..and about the query reg chakka appam...there is no point in using foil or parchment paper instead of ila..but you dont have to compromise on the consistency of the mavu,if you adopt this method...OR make it a little thicker with less water and steam as Kozhukkatas..:) you get chakka there...dont strain too much..make it a pulp and mix with ari ppodi etc and make small kozhukkattas...:D


Hi Chithra

You have great stuff on kerala...A great enlightment!!
Nice to be here....


Meera said...

I discovered your blog from Sagari's.
Very nice recipe of root vegetables. Will try & let you know.

chithra said...

hi bharathy,thx for the ideas..u r right i think i can satisfy with kozhukatta or banana leaves instead of vazhana ila..:(

Swathi,thx for visiting my blog and leaving a good comment!

Thanks Meera,try this and lemme know the result..

Happy cook said...

Happy New year.
The pushukku looks so delicious.

chithra said...

Hi happy cook,Nice to see u here again...thx for the comment!
Happy New Year!

Dhivya said...

am yet to think of something for RCI and u already finished it!

Will give this one a try..Thanks for dropping by my blog chithra...:)

chithra said...

dhivya,thx for visiting my blog..sure try this and lemme know the result..

mallurecipes said...

being a mallu never had this recipe , very interesting!!!
Thanks for dropping by my blog

chithra said...

mallurecipe,thx for visiting my blog and leaving comments!

aparna said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog, Chitra.
Your puzhukku looks good. We make it too, for Thiruvathira, but without onions since it if festive fare. We serve it with "Kali" which is a sort of halwa made of rice flour and jaggery.

AnuSriram said...

This recipe looks delicious.. Thanks for sharing... will try it soon..

Asha said...

So many Kerala recipe you have in your blog, love it. I just posted a Kerala RCI cuisine too!:)

Beautiful dish, I will try.

shriya said...

I think I've learned a lot about thiruvathirai . Now I know a great dish from kerala. Nice recipe.Looks very delicious. :-)

Nanditha Prabhu said...

i am new to your blog! you have stirred up nostalgic memories with your post! thanks a lot for leaving your comments at my place ! will stop by here more often!:)

chithra said...

Aparna,Anusriram,Asha and Shriya Thank u soo much for visiting my blog and leaving inspiring comments here..

naditha,Thx dear..u r always welcome here..

DEEPA said...

wow!!really new to me ....nice recipe

Deepti said...

Hey Chitra, thanks for this recipe. I had been searching this one since the time my mother in law mentioned about it. She is very good with this puzukku. I shall attempt it and let you know.

Oh! yes forgot to mention this is quite a site you have created. Loved it.

Deepti said...

Hey Chitra,
One Chakkara Umma to you, its from my 2 year old. She relished the puzukku and so my hubby. It was fantastic with Kanji. I shall try other recipes and keep you posted. Thanks a ton!

Varsha Vipins said...

missing home.thats a nostalgic recipe..:)
I am first time here..loved ur blog name n the whole space.:)

Anonymous said...

hi chithra
Superb I tried this . Thank you very much for sharing your receipes .

Find me if you can (One of your friend )

hi hi

chithra said...

thank u friend...hard to find tell me...njan pavam alle...

Priya said...

nice puzhukku... i like ur is my blog

Rajeev Mohan said...

Thanks for the puzhukku.. seems I need to bookmark your blog..!

? said...

Interesting Puzhukku recipe; we do not use onions but the variations are equally good!

momsnetwork said...

Fine and healthy lunch.

suma said...

For your information potato is not at all an ingredient of this puzhukku.
The eight ingredients are Chena, chembu, kaachil, kappa, madhurakizhangu, koorkka, eathakaya and vanpayar. So its called ettangadi.
Do a small investigation before posting such recipes.

dodo_ind said...

hi..i made i...came out rlly tasty.thanx!

Omanakuttan Pillai said...

Nostalic thoughts !